Venus Series
1.5" Spa Pumps

Available in 1HP, 1.5HP, and 2HP 48 Frame models...

The Saturn Series is our 1.5" spa pump line. These high-performance 1.5" side discharge pumps are ideal choices for OEM and service customers alike!

Venus series wet-ends are designed, engineered, and manufactured with the highest quality plastics and US Seals (PS-200) right here in California, USA. Those wet-ends then get assembled on Century motors, which have a long standing reputation for being the highest quality motors in the industry.

48 Frame Saturn Series:

The 48 frame Saturn pumps are available in the following models:

Model #Description
V4-10-1Saturn 48F, 1HP, 2-Speed, 120V
V4-15-1Saturn 48F, 1.5HP, 2-Speed, 120V
V4-20-2Saturn 48F, 2HP, 2-Speed, 240V